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Théâtre écrit avec un « K » est un matou flamand / Theatre written with a 'k' is a Tomcat

In 1980, Jan Fabre gathered a number of friends/actors for the creation of his first play, Theatre written with a ‘k’ is a Tomcat. It was the first part of a trilogy (which also includes This is theatre like it was to be expected and foreseen  and The Power of Theatrical Madness). The three productions explicitly refer to the theatre as a place in the firing line. Fabre turns the theatre inside out in his desire to know what he can dispose of through/integrate in this medium. As far as form is concerned, however, these productions could not be further apart: each approaches theatre in a different way. Mannerist in The Power, as a ready-made in This is Theatre, and with the combative power of the performance in Theatre written with a ‘k’.