Troubleyn | Jan Fabre


02.12.2022 – 12.02.2023

Curator Giacinto Di Pietrantonio

Artwork: The sexy Belgian Madonna playing with evil (2018) Photographer:Pat Verbruggen

Galleria Gaburro is pleased to announce the opening of  "JAN FABRE. La saggezza del Belgio", which runs from 2 december 2022 until 12 february 2023 in Milan.
The exhibition, curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, is a solo show of Jan Fabre (b 1958, Antwerp), one of the foremost contemporary artist.

The exhibition includes about thirty small-format artworks from the Folklore Sexuel Belge and Mer du Nord Sexuelle Belge series, together with ten sculptures, which are being shown for the first time in Italy. In these works, Jan Fabre questions Belgian identity, sexuality and sensuality, which he examines through the visual lens of surrealism, a feature of his work and indeed of all Belgian art. 

Jan Fabre, who in this case clearly refers to himself as “Le Bon Artiste Belge”, shows a series of works that aim to reveal a national Belgian identity that is by no means unique, but rather highly diverse. In this fragmentation, he seeks to find wisdom and similarities within them in order to “unite rather than divide”.

The iconography and iconology of Fabre’s drawings and sculptures in this exhibition - the curator says - do appear to emerge from the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. 
Marine elements, including shells, men, animals and plants, undergo surreal and symbolic human-animal metamorphoses in an orgy of colours, shapes and sexuality, which Fabre astutely also reinterprets in light of the evolution of popular cultures.

JAN FABRE. La saggezza del Belgio
2 December 2022 – 12 February 2023 
Galleria Gaburro, Via Cerva 25, Milan
Curated By Giacinto Di Pietrantonio

Admission free: 
Tuesday-Saturday, 10 AM-1 PM; 3-7 PM 

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