Troubleyn | Jan Fabre


Artist and author Jan Fabre lets us see a unique world, marked with metaphors, fantasies, symbols and realities. Often presented as a subversive artist, Jan Fabre brings us to discover here the Hour Blue. This hour of daybreak which immerses our reality in a strange universe, in which the forms escape their outline to drown themselves and spread their presence into a deep blue. This poetic hour becomes the intervening period convenient to all kinds of metamorphosis and outbreaks, and so animals, faces, objects appear and rise to the scrawled in blue ballpoint surface of Jan Fabre’s drawings. Besides the 70 small and approximately 30 large size presented drawings, will be installed three architectural sculptures, shoe boxes, a bed, two films and two monumental sculptures/drawings on artificial silk, which still strengthen – as on a stage set – the impression of dreaming awake for the visitors. Lastly, the artist has imagined a specific installation for the entrance hall of the Museum which modifies completely its architecture to transform it into some kind of palace dedicated to the metaphoric power of a poetry of betweenness, soft, captivating, and disturbing.

A comprehensive catalogue will be published on this occasion, containing essays from Lóránd Hegyi, Stefan Hertmans, Jo Coucke, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Pascal Gielen and Bart Verschaffel.

“Jan Fabre is one of the few artists of our epoch who so radically brings the metaphorical to what is immediately
conceivable – and lets it unfold its power there.” Lóránd Hegyi